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All companies operating
e-commerce businesses

All companies operating
e-commerce businesses

Operational process limitations in e-commerce result in inefficiencies

Operational process limitations in e-commerce result in inefficiencies
Expected Effect

Increased revenue and operational efficiency

Increased revenue and operational efficiency

Why ChooseCommerceOS

Integrated Dashboard
Price Management
Sales Analysis
Order Management
Customer Support
Inventory Management
Content Management
Advertising Management
Exposure Management
Market Insight
Brand Protection
Sales Management
Total Sales $23,000,000
Average Daily Sales $3,258,000
Sales Management
Total Sales of Laundry Detergent2,700
Inventory Management
Total Inventory4,300
Content Management
New SNS Posts39 posts
AI Marketing Insights

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Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans for Diverse


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CommerceOS Connect: E-commerce Data at a Glance
CommerceOS provides a dashboard feature that is free for all users, regardless of their subscription plan
Product ManagementHierarchical management by product and option
Account ConnectorSet up accounts for each shopping platform
Database ConnectorConnect separate databases for each customer company
Sales • Pricing
Integrated DashboardManage overall sales and key metrics
Sales Analysis IAnalyze sales by product, category, and platform
Sales Analysis IIAnalyze seasonality, promotion effects, and sales by platform
Price Management ISet prices by product and platform
Price Management IIAI-Driven price simulation
Order • Support
Order Management IManage order status, orders by platform, logistics and shipping status
Order Management IIHandle abnormal orders
Customer Support IRespond to online inquiries, process refunds automatically
Customer Support IIRespond to process orders automatically
Inventory Management
Inventory ManagementOverview of integrated logistics and product inventory
Market • Brand Insight
Market InsightAnalyze data for competitive benchmarking
Brand ProtectionManage copyrights and resellers for each product
Marketing • Content
Content ManagementAnalyze SNS and e-commerce content, and monitor competitor news
Advertising ManagementOverview ROAS by platforms and automate influencer recruitment
Exposure ManagementMonitor keyword rankings and boost content visibility
ChatBotGenerate reports, extract documents, and draft based on customer needs and data
Customer Interviews

Changes Initiated withCommerceOS

Global IT Company

We have achieved great results using CommerceOS's
inventory and advertising management features.

CommerceOS has significantly contributed to enhancing operational
efficiency and profitability by providing real-time inventory and advertising
We could promptly respond to customer demand by understanding
inventory status in real time and maximize marketing effectiveness through
consistent advertising campaign and content management.

We highly recommend CommerceOS to companies looking to optimize
their digital marketing and inventory management strategies.

Global Consumer Goods Company

We have enjoyed significant benefits by
using CommerceOS.

In particular, we can monitor the lowest prices of our products in real time on
major domestic e-commerce platforms, allowing us to establish clear pricing
policies for set products, which have been challenging to manage.
This has enabled us to minimize sales losses and significantly increase
operational efficiency.

We highly recommend CommerceOS to companies looking to
improve their price management processes and optimize
market responsiveness.


Enhans, founded in 2021, provides AI agent-based solutions with the vision of
‘Building AI Agents for humans’ valuable time’ aiming to develop AI technology that
allows individuals to make more valuable use.

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